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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pistol Joke- We Just Shit ep

Hello I'm back from tour and this is now available for mailorder, just 290 copies pressed on Mustard coloured vinyl. Don't panic by the small quantity pressed because if there is a demand I will do a 2nd pressing.
Damage is GB£4.20 plus postage, as usual my contact is

The following distributors/shops have copies on the way (i'll update this list)
U.K. Imminent Destruction, Viral Age, Opiate, Inflammable Material.
Finland. Nightstick Justice.
Japan, Answer, Base, Punk & Destroy.
USA. Soap and Spikes, Nightmare Reality Records, Distort Reality, Velted Regnub.
Germany. Crucificados Pelo Systema.
Sweden. Blindead.
Holland. Bong.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Record SHIT Day.

In celebration of “Record Shit Day” Noise Punk Records are pleased to announce the release of the Pistol Joke- We Just Shit 7” ep (Noise Punk 007). 5 songs of drunken Japanese noise punk, sounding somewhere between Chaos UK Burning Britain ep and Gai Extermination ep. If you don’t know those records then you need to wake up and smell the shit. I’m off on tour so contact me next week if you want copies or come and see The Wankys in Scotland this weekend.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The very last of more noise issue 10.

As it unfortunately is, if people don’t know facts then it’s often quite easy for them to make something up, sometimes it has some bearing to reality, though quite often it is somebody’s wank fantasy. Tony G has addressed the issue of disinformation surrounding bands like Sieg Heil, Gai, Swankys, Confuse etc. and what we have here with More Noise issue 10 is a research project based around the history of Kyushu noise punk. Though Tony has decided not to add his own thoughts during this issue (though his line of questioning expresses this to an extent) he has let the bands do the talking. Lots of re-printed stuff from Japanese language DOLL Magazine which have of course been translated into English, as well as recent interviews with our friend Passy (Confuse) and a further hilarious interview with Watch (Swankys). The only negative is that for reasons unknown Tony decided not to print the interview that he did with a member of Kuro from a few years ago. For those with a passing interest in the afore mentioned bands this fanzine is probably not for you, for obsessives like myself this is a modern day bible.

Available from you favourite Punk Rock Emporium.

A reminder that we are in Scotland this weekend
Friday 19th April  13th Note CafĂ©, Glasgow with Thisclose, Sufferinfuck and Corrupted Humanity and Happy Spastics. £5 on the door.
Saturday 20th April,  Banshee Labrinth, Edinburgh at 9pm. With Happy Spastics and Thisclose, £5 on the door.