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Thursday, 20 December 2012

No Apologies

There are delays with the WKSJ? 12" and The Wankys LP. I offer no apologies for the delays as they are not my fault, please stop sending me e-mails asking about the releases, they'll be here when they are here and I'll post on here. In the meantime Who Killed Santa?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? ST Maxi 12" EP (Total Fucker Records)
THE WANKYS- Knock One Out LP/Game (S.P.H.C. Records)
Both with exclusive distribution by Noise Punk Records in the U.K. and Europe, due sometime soon. Distributors get in touch if interested in wholesale.
The Wankys next gig is in Leicester on Saturday December 22nd supporting Discharge at Lock 42, tickets are £10 in advance. This is our 1st Leicester gig in 21 months.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Static Shock Weekend

This starts today, The Wankys will play tomorrow (Saturday) and will have limited quantities of our new album (test pressings) available only from this gig .
We survived the U.S.A. big thanks to Dan and all involved in making this happen.  Apologies to all that saw us at the first 5 or so gigs where we suffered from equipment problems, hopefully it didn't spoil your fun.

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Wankys/Chaos Channel US tour November 2012

We not totally sure of all the details of this tour but this is what we believe is happening.
8 (Thur): Richmond, VA at strange matter with Zyanose (Japan) Truncheans, Disable, Pissheads, Violent Party, Orgasm
9 (Fri): Philadelphia PA at Cloud City, Nightfall, Bad Energy.
10 (sat): Bethlehem PA at secret art space
11 (sun): Columbus OH at 15th House with Future Shock
12 (Mon): Grand Rapids MI at Videodrome
13 (Tue): Detroit MI at Jumbos with Cabbage Heads
14 (Wed): Cleveland OH at Now That's Class with Cider and Hysteria
15 (Thur): Pittsburgh PA at Kopecs
16 (Fri): New Brunswick, NJ at The Alamo with Bible Thumper and Ugly Parts
17 (sat): Boston, MA with Outciders
18 (sun): New York, NY at the Acheron with Nomad
20 (tue): Baltimore at Club K with Belgrado (Spain) and Chaos Destroy.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Knock One Out is OUT

Yes we got our copies now and it looks and sounds GREAT, Cheers to Comet who released it and No6 and Uno for the amazing artwork/package. 15 songs in total including the three songs from the recently released and sold out Poundland 7" (two of which are exclusive to this release).

If you live in Japan please order it from Harcore Kitchen or your local record shop.
Prices for everyone else
Europe GB£9
Rest of the World GB£10
All prices are postpaid. Paypal payment to
Get in touch if you are interested in wholsale for your distro/shop and if you do a fanzine or radio station contact us for a promo copy.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Please For Fuck Me Flexi.

Just got some "deadstock" copies of our flexi (without the fanzine), free with any LP order or £2 plus postage. Free download from here

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Wankys- Knock One Out CD (out soon)

A long time coming but we should expect this release sometime next month. 15 songs in total (2 bonus songs from the Poundland 7"), artwork by No6 and MrUno, Japanese release on Hardcore Kitchen
We'll have copies for sale (and wholesale) for anyone outside Japan.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Human Power- Human Power? 7"ep repress

Bene Von Bastard and myself did this project a few years ago, just us having some fun with some home recording equipment and our fetishism of Japanese Hardcore (the music not the pornography). I made an ep and pressed 200 odd copies, didn't really know what to do with them but managed to sell them over a couple of months with a lot of help from Bene. Pretty much forgot about the project until Krough from Blindead Productions asked about a re-press. Bene was up for the idea so I sat down and listened to the ep and thought "why not". Here it is, spanking new cover, new plates made (slightly bass heavy compared to the original) and a much larger pressing of 500 copies, there were also some special editions made with an extra cover which you can order from Blindead. I have a few copies of the regular edition for sale for £5 postpaid (UK only) and will also do wholesale if any UK distributors/shops want copies.
Here is an audio/video clip of Disgust.
If you live outside the UK then you can order a copy from your local shop/distributor or direct from Blindead Productions.
MRR gave it a particularly good review.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Upcoming Gigs.

We have some gigs lined up for June 2012, lucky us are playing with two of the best Punk bands in the UK. On Saturday 2nd of June we will play at the 1in12 Club in Bradford with FUK.
The following week (Saturday 9th) we will play at the Sumac Centre in Nottingham with Oi Polloi.

Very little else lined up for the rest of the year apart from two gigs with Lotus Fucker in November (Nottingham and London on 2nd and 3rd) and later that month we will do our 2nd US tour. Hopefully sometime our new album “Knock one out” will be released, though don’t hold your breath as we still don’t have any artwork.

Monday, 2 April 2012


Distribution for Noise Punk releases.

Viral Age
Upside Down Noise
Inflammable Material
La Vida Es Un Mus
Active Rebellion

Bong (Holland)
No Fucking Labels (Holland)
Blinddead (Sweden)
Crucificados (Germany)
Kjell (Norway)

Record Shop Base
Record Shop Answer
Punk and Destroy

Rescued From Life
Feral Ward
Soap and Spikes
Velted Regnub

Generally I have no interest in trading though I am always looking at expanding my distribution.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Noise Punk 005

The Wankys- Poundland 7” is out now, all the usual distributors will have copies over the next week or so (I’ll list them in my next post) and I will also have a few direct mailorder copies for GB£4 plus postage. It comes on White Vinyl with a hand screen printed insert and is a one-off pressing of 320 copies.

You can hear a sample on Annihilation Radio

We’ll have mp3’s available for a free download soon.

Somebody asked what speed the Damaging Noise ep plays on as “it sounds wrong on both speeds”which I found very amusing. It’s 45rpm, ignore what the label says.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Monday, 19 March 2012

Damaging Noise- EP is now sold out from us.

Hey the Damaging Noise ep is out and now SOLD OUT, try your local distro for a copy, Japan the usual shops, USA Feral Ward and a few smaller distros, UK La Vida Es Um Mus and a few others, Germany Crucificados, Holland No Fucking Labels and Bong. It’s also gone for wholesale.

THE WANKYS- Poundland 7”


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

GGA England tour is cancelled.

GGA have cancelled their England tour, hopefully the Sheffield, Leeds and Stoke gigs will go ahead as planned with The Wankys (minus GGA) and the other bands. Apologies if anyone has been inconvenienced. Updates to follow.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Update Feb 2012

I’ve got a few bits and bobs of news.

First off here are some reviews of noise punk 002 and 003 from Maximum Rock’n’Roll, both are still available from either myself or various distros/record shops around the world. Check out MRR. Odd that they are giving us good reviews these days, I imagine that is a result of not giving our stuff to Emo's to review.
Today I got the test pressing of Noise Punk 004 Damaging Noise ep, after overcoming some problems with cutting the vinyl I’m pleased to say that in my opinion it sounds good, hopefully the band will be happy and we can forge ahead with the release.
Noise Punk 005 is The Wankys- Poundland 7” which will be sent to the pressing plant tomorrow, following on from that will be The Wankys new album on both vinyl and compact disc which we finished mastering today. The artwork needs to be completed so don’t expect a release anytime soon.

The Wankys and Giftgasattack gig in Birmingham isn’t a goer so I’m looking into other options at the moment, possibly Discharge land as opposed to GBH land. Not sure what’s happeneing about the Leeds gig but London and Sheffield gigs are all sorted. 

Noise Punk Records
THE WANKYS- Noise Punk Live Hero swindle LP £7
FORMBY CHANNEL- The Inimitable ep £3.50
Both for £10 plus postage.Wholesale available, just ask.

The Wankys Stuff
THE WANKYS- Noise Punk Live Hero swindle LP £7
THE WANKYS- The Very Best of Hero LP (pink vinyl) £7 last copy
THE WANKYS- Weapons of Musical Destruction CD/DVD (loads of bonus stuff) £6
THE WANKYS- American Wank CD (loads of stuff on here) £5
THE WANKYS/CHAOS CHANNEL Japan tour T-shirt green ink on white shirt £6 (youth, small, medium, large)
THE WANKYS- Who Killed Jarko T-shirt red and black ink on white shirt £6 (youth size only)

Other StuffV/A- DOWNTOWN NOISE PUNKER VOL3 CD-R £1 free with any order
SARCASM- Noise Bastards Vol1 CD, Compact Disc collection of Sarcasms vinyl releases £5
EXTREME NOISE ERROR- When the American dream is over LP £5 collection of the 80’s Dutch HC Punk bands demos
DIRGE- Scarred Forever LP  £7. The band Gilb played in when he was a lad, crucial stuff, demo/live from 1984.
DESCENT TO HELL- Our Cross to bear LP £5, coloured vinyl with poster, heavy crust stuff, like Tragedy.

More stuff due soon.

Postage and packing, let me know what you want and I’ll make you a package and let you know the damage. I can accept payment by paypal or UK cheque only. Cash GB£ is sent at you own risk. contact

Monday, 9 January 2012

Giftgasattack England tour dates March 2012

Thurdsay 15/3 London
Friday 16/3 Sheffield with The Wankys, Cry Havoc, Endless Grinning Skulls and Doom.
Saturday 17/3 Leeds with The Wankys and War All The Time and 1 more.
Sunday 18/3 Birmingham with The Wankys and others.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Okay so here we are in 2012 and I already have some concrete plans for January. This week will see Noise Punk 004 off to the pressing plant, it will be the long worked on Damaging Noise- The Very Best of the Bery Best of Damaging Noise 7” ep. This lot are a pretty obscure band from Japan who as far as I’m aware only made 3 tapes. (if anyone has copies of their 1st and 3rd demo then please let me know, I want to hear them) The story of how this ep came about is when I was at Asuza’s house in Tokyo and nosing through his cassettes, I picked this tape out and asked him about the band. He simply said “for you”, thanks mate. Connor Dobson helped me track a member of the band down via youtube. My friend Beryl did the mastering, she's been responsible for mastering a lot of the recent Discharge/Anti System/Antisect re-issues. It took some time to come up with a satisfactory master of the cassette that the band was happy with, however we are now at the stage where it’s ready to be pressed. In the meantime some kind soul spread the cassette over the internet via a blog download and youtube, though it’s worth pointing out that their mastering is significantly different to the one that will be used for the ep. Please don’t expect anything other than low-fi noise punk, something akin to the Gai demos in my opinion.

It’s now 5 years of the Wankys! We are also off to the studio in a couple of weeks to record our next album. It’s been 2 years since we have been in a studio and I was less than satisfied with our very poor effort last time we were in one (split ep with Lotus Fucker and an aborted ep for Rescued from Life). So here’s hoping we get a good sound on a very limited budget. If the recording turns out good the Compact Disc will be issued in Japan on Hardcore Kitchen, we have yet to decide who will issue the vinyl version. I’m enjoying the challenge of playing the new songs and if the recording is right the new album will be something special. Watch this space.

Gigs. It’s getting increasingly difficult to arrange stuff due to Monkeyspanker being busy with other stuff, so sorry to all the people that offer us gigs/tours. However we do have one gig lined up in Sheffield on 16th March with Giftgasattack, Doom, Endless Grinning Skulls and Cry Havoc. I will also be arranging the Giftgasattack England tour for a round the same time, more details to follow.

Thanks to all that supported us in 2011 and we wish you the best for 2012.