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Monday, 6 August 2012

Human Power- Human Power? 7"ep repress

Bene Von Bastard and myself did this project a few years ago, just us having some fun with some home recording equipment and our fetishism of Japanese Hardcore (the music not the pornography). I made an ep and pressed 200 odd copies, didn't really know what to do with them but managed to sell them over a couple of months with a lot of help from Bene. Pretty much forgot about the project until Krough from Blindead Productions asked about a re-press. Bene was up for the idea so I sat down and listened to the ep and thought "why not". Here it is, spanking new cover, new plates made (slightly bass heavy compared to the original) and a much larger pressing of 500 copies, there were also some special editions made with an extra cover which you can order from Blindead. I have a few copies of the regular edition for sale for £5 postpaid (UK only) and will also do wholesale if any UK distributors/shops want copies.
Here is an audio/video clip of Disgust.
If you live outside the UK then you can order a copy from your local shop/distributor or direct from Blindead Productions.
MRR gave it a particularly good review.

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