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Monday, 7 September 2015

The Cabbage Heads and Thisclose

We have for distribution two new titles. First ep is the Cabbage Heads debut ep on SPHC/Faded Novelty, 7 songs of rather nifty noise punk from this Detroit band. Released a while ago and ignored by many (including myself), however I fell in love with this band after touring with them in the USA. This release is excellent and easily stands up with the best noise punk releases from the last few years (think Reconsideration or Pistol Joke). I have just a few copies.
Also available from us is the THISCLOSE -2 LP collection CD, you should know how much I love this band and this Compact Disc contains their last two albums, songs from the split with Active Minds and the ep that was released last year on Noise Punk Records (vinyl still available from us).

Click on the MERCHANDISE tab for more details.

Whilst I'm at it I'd like to thank all involved in our US tour, all the bands/promoters/people that provided us with food and a sleeping place. Special shout out to Dan, Jimmy and the Cabbage Heads, without those fuckers that shit would not have happened.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Our next gig, Oslo 25 July 2015.

New distro titles

New distro stuff (all very LTD copies)
集団自殺- 集団自殺 2nd 7”(Syudan Jisatsu) £6 (sold out)
V/A Propaganda Is For Pussies Vol.1 LP £8 (sold out)
V/A- Overlords of Punk CD featuring Kuolema, The Carnival, Creepy Crawlie £3

We also have dead stock copies of the Wankys- still love the noise 7” for the bargain price of £3

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lost in France t-shirt.

Now available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large, featuring the rather excellent artwork from our Lost in France ep cover.  Off white t-shirt with bright green and black print that creates a drunken 3-D effect. They look great. £7 plus postage. As always contact us at

Saturday, 28 March 2015

THE POISON COLA- Flame of Rising Fist 7" ep £5

New in Stock from Not Very Nice Records 4 song 7" of beautiful "burning spirits" style hardcore, think Crude (when they were good), Death Side, Etai, Balance etc. You know the score, you know if you are going to like this. Recordings are from 1994-97 and crazy as it is, this is ltd to just 300 copies. £5 plus postage. Have a listen to a song here

Still available Reconsideration ep.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Reconsideration- Noise Addicts 7" ep £5.50 plus postage

Now in stock, RECONSIDERATION- Noise Addicts 6 song 7" ep. I have been awaiting this release for months now, after their demo recording from last year I knew this was going to be a classic and it most certainly is, catchy, noisy and fun. Think Screaming Noise, Chaos CH or Confuse. You already know if you need this or not. Please click on the MERCHANDISE tab for other stuff I have for distribution.