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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

News and distro stock.

The latest news in the Wankys camp is that we are recording some new material for the Noise Punk Records comp 12" and are planning some tours for 2015. It looks like we will be in Scandinavia in June and then we will be embarking on our 4th trip to North America in August/September. Watch this space for details as we get nearer the time.

I have some releases from Pogo 77 records from Japan, the latest 7" by everybody's favourite Pogo band TOM and the BOOT BOYS, the rather excellent Punk Revelation CD by POGO MACHINE and I had to get restocks of the outstanding comp CD THE PUNKS AND SKINS ARE FUCKIN' WALKING DOWN THE STREET. Also in stock is the SETE STAR SEPT/LOTUS FUCKER split 7" from our friends SPHC. Click on the merchandise tab for details.

That time of year is coming so once again Merry Fucking Christmas.