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Monday, 16 June 2014

The Wankys on bandcamp

We have uploaded a bunch of The Wankys sold out vinyls to bandcamp. £2 a pop, much cheaper than buying a second hand record from ebay. Any money raised will assist the band to continue recording and touring.

Out Now Thisclose 7", GB£4 plus postage.

Who Killed Spikey Jacket 7" records on the way for distribution in the U.K.

The next Wankys gigs are Saturday Saturday 19th July at Wee Fest on the Isle of Cumbrea, Scotland, then Saturday 26th July in Dublin. Both gigs with our mates Thisclose.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Thisclose, Who Killed Spikey Jacket? and Sad Boys new releases.

THISCLOSE- The Price We Pay 7” ep (Noise Punk 009) £4
V/A - "Wish You Were Beer!" postcard flexi with Who Killed Spikey Jacket? and Sad Boys £4

Also available
PEOPLE- Ausentic Oral Communication LP ( Purple vinyl with poster) £8
THE WANKYS- Noise Punk Live Hero swindle LP £7
FORMBY CHANNEL- The Inimitable 7" ep (BLUE VINYL) £3.50
FORMBY CHANNEL- Saucy Seaside extended player 7" (CLEAR VINYL) and postcard set £4
THE WANKYS- Still Love The Noise 7" EP £4
THE WANKYS- Knock One Out LP £7
THE WANKYS- Noise Punk Live Hero swindle LP £7
THE WANKYS- Weapons of Musical Destruction 8"/Booklet £7 restock
THE WANKYS- Knock One Out CD £5
THE WANKYS- Weapons of Musical Destruction CD/DVD (contains Weapons 8”, Lost 7”, Split LP songs , Split 8” lathe songs Plus Bonus DVD ) £6
THE WANKYS- American Wank CD (Weapons 8”, Lost 7”, Split LP songs, Hero LP and Noise Punk 7”) £5
THE WANKYS embroidered patch (yellow, white or green) £3
FRENZY- Noisey Trouble ep £4.50
HUMAN POWER- Human Power? 7” £3
CHAOSCHANNEL-  (magic bullet) that works to feed the pig ep £4.50
DISORDER- Distort Bristol LP £10
NU-KLE-ER BLAST SUNTAN- Arms of Static 7" ep (free with any other order).
RIPPING THRASH FANZINE issue 29 £1, (agathocles, catheter, nu pogodi, dysmorfic etc)
ATTACK EPILEPTICA- Convulsoes & Disturbios Consciencia CD £5
V.A.- 4 way comp C.D.£3. with Loser X, Circle Flex, Hit Me Back, The Sprouts, Japanese fastcore on Hardcore Kitchen
The Futures CD £3, Japanese Fastcore on Hardcore Kitchen
Hollywood Massage Vibration-  Hangover Man Vomited CD £3, off the wall crazy stuff on Hardcore Kitchen

Please note prices don't include postage.
please be patient.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Coming soon

THISCLOSE- The Price We Pay 7” ep (Noise Punk 009)
Hot on the heels of their debut full length album and recorded as part of the same session as “one foot in the grave” comes a new devastating 7” by the mighty Thisclose. On two of the songs the band take an “Ignorance/The More I See” approach to their songwriting whilst the final song sounds like it could have been on the b side of an early Discharge ep, all with an amazing powerful "Hear Nothing" like production courtesy of Tommy “Clay” Duffin. The icing on this punk rock platter is without question the unique vocal style of Rodney Shades, loved by many, loathed by even more, Thisclose is not a band people feel indifferent about. Whilst stylistically this is not really fitting with other Noise Punk releases, MrWanky could not miss an opportunity to release something by his favourite British band. 300 copies, white vinyl, stickers, heavy duty card cover and a free plastic bag.

FUCKER007: v/a - "Wish You Were Beer!" postcard flexi
Who Killed Spikey Jacket? and NYC's Sad Boys contribute one unreleased track each of beer-fueled Pogo Punk to this unique flexi release. Sad Boys bring you their trademarked Noise Pogo you know and love and WKSJ? bring you sing-a-long Pogo with a nod to the classics with "Beer Stormtrooper". The record itself is a 5x7, full-color mailable postcard with the grooves of the record actually cut into the laminate. The back side of the record is a blank cardstock postcard with a writable surface, handstamped by Noise Punk Records, who are exclusively distributing this release in the UK and Europe, please note we only have 50 copies.
Limited to: 500 Worldwide