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Big Badges, £1 or free with any order.

Noise Punk Records Releases.
PEOPLE- Ausentic Oral Communication LP ( Purple vinyl with poster) £7

The Wankys Stuff
THE WANKYS- Weapons of Musical Destruction 8" vinly album with WANKMAG £6 (restock)
THE WANKYS/FUZZY GLUE BUZZ- 45rpm noise chaos Split 12" (pink vinyl) £9
THE WANKYS- State Monitoring State Control 7" EP £4
THE WANKYS- Still love the noise 7" (yellow vinyl) EP £3
Compact Disc
THE WANKYS- Knock One Out CD £5

Other Stuff we have for sale.
CRUCIFIX- nineteen eighty four LP collection the the bands early material, capitulation 12", nineteen eight four 7" and comp tracks, fanclub release £10
EXTREME NOISE TERROR- S/T LP, the cover sticker says "back to old school ENT" £10
WRETCHED- Libero E Selvaggio LP compilation of their singles, AMAZING £10
ODIO- Ancora LP from Oakland USA, great U.S. hardcore with a Burning Spirits feel, good shit. £10
KORROSIVE- Observations from the West 12" We were lucky enough to play a gig with this band in Finland a few years ago, it was like the 2nd coming of KAAOS. £10
THISCLOSE- What Glory 7" £4
CRUDE- Smash The Wall 7" £3 (yellow vinyl)
VESPERA- 7" £3
BACKLASH- Realities of Life 12"£6 (pink vinyl)
RODNEY SHADES BAND- In the Kingdom 7" £3

Compact Disc/DVD
New Wave of the GRAVE NEW BEAT Vol2 £4
ATTACK EPILEPTICA- Convulsoes & Disturbios Consciencia CD £5

FREE STUFF with any order.
We have some tour posters left from the EEL/theWAnkys UK tour, they are huge, just ask. We have stickers also, again just ask.

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