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Noise Punk Records Releases.

001 CHAOS DESTROY- 2nd EP (sold out)
002 THE WANKYS- Noise Punk Live Hero swindle LP (sold out)
003 FORMBY CHANNEL- The Inimitable EP
004 DAMAGING NOISE- Instant death Noise Attack EP (sold out)
005 THE WANKYS- Poundland 7” (sold out)
006 PEOPLE- Ausentic Oral Communication LP (2nd pressing available)
007 PISTOL JOKE- We Just Shit 7" (sold out)
008 FORMBY CHANNEL- Saucy Seaside extended player 7"
009 THISCLOSE- The Price We Pay 7"
010 EEL/THE WANKYS split tour cassette (sold out)
011 THE WANKYS- tascam hell: the first year demonstration recordings. C50 cassette (sold out).

The Wankys

Noise Punk Vol 1 Noise Punk EP (Noise and Distortion)
Noise Punk Vol 2 The Very Best Of Hero LP/CD (La Vida Es Un Mus/ Hardcore Kitchen
Noise Punk Vol 3 Split 8” Lathe with Syphilitic Vaginas (Rescued From Life)
Noise Punk Vol 4 Unreleased
Noise Punk Vol 5 Split LP with Exit Hippies (Detonate)
Noise Punk Vol 6 Lost In france and Drunk EP (Tardis)
Noise Punk Vol 7 Weapons Of Musical Destruction 8” LP/CD (La Vida Es Un Mus/ Hardcore Kitchen)
Noise Punk Vol 8 Split EP With Lotus Fucker (SPHC/KW)
Noise Punk Vol 9 Noise Punk Live Hero LP (Noise Punk)
Noise Punk Vol 10 Please For Fuck Me Flexi 7” (Problem)
Noise Punk Vol 11 Poundland 7” (Noise Punk)
Noise Punk Vol 12 Knock One Out CD/LP/Game (Hardcore Kitchen/S.P.H.C.)
Noise Punk Vol 13 State Monitoring State Control 7" ep (S.P.H.C.)
Noise Punk Vol 14 Moly Apina Split 7" with Kuolema (Lady Lasol)
Noise Punk Vol 15 45rpm Noise Chaos, split 12" with Fuzzy Glue Buzz

Other Releases
The Wankys- American Wank CD (Rescued From Life)
The Wankys- Who Killed Spiky Jacket? Split Tape (Pogo Punk)
The Wankys- Buy One Noise Get Two Free cd-r
The Wankys/Tom and Boot Boys- Split cd-r (Pogo Punk)
The Wankys- Live Norway cd-r (More Noise Records)
The Wankys/Chaos Channel- Split cd-r
The Wankys- Live Finland cd-r
The Wankys- Still Love the Noise 7"ep (R.T.P. Records)
EEL/The Wankys split tour cassette
The Wankys- tascam hell: the first year demonstration recordings. C50 cassette

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