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Monday, 6 February 2012

Update Feb 2012

I’ve got a few bits and bobs of news.

First off here are some reviews of noise punk 002 and 003 from Maximum Rock’n’Roll, both are still available from either myself or various distros/record shops around the world. Check out MRR. Odd that they are giving us good reviews these days, I imagine that is a result of not giving our stuff to Emo's to review.
Today I got the test pressing of Noise Punk 004 Damaging Noise ep, after overcoming some problems with cutting the vinyl I’m pleased to say that in my opinion it sounds good, hopefully the band will be happy and we can forge ahead with the release.
Noise Punk 005 is The Wankys- Poundland 7” which will be sent to the pressing plant tomorrow, following on from that will be The Wankys new album on both vinyl and compact disc which we finished mastering today. The artwork needs to be completed so don’t expect a release anytime soon.

The Wankys and Giftgasattack gig in Birmingham isn’t a goer so I’m looking into other options at the moment, possibly Discharge land as opposed to GBH land. Not sure what’s happeneing about the Leeds gig but London and Sheffield gigs are all sorted. 

Noise Punk Records
THE WANKYS- Noise Punk Live Hero swindle LP £7
FORMBY CHANNEL- The Inimitable ep £3.50
Both for £10 plus postage.Wholesale available, just ask.

The Wankys Stuff
THE WANKYS- Noise Punk Live Hero swindle LP £7
THE WANKYS- The Very Best of Hero LP (pink vinyl) £7 last copy
THE WANKYS- Weapons of Musical Destruction CD/DVD (loads of bonus stuff) £6
THE WANKYS- American Wank CD (loads of stuff on here) £5
THE WANKYS/CHAOS CHANNEL Japan tour T-shirt green ink on white shirt £6 (youth, small, medium, large)
THE WANKYS- Who Killed Jarko T-shirt red and black ink on white shirt £6 (youth size only)

Other StuffV/A- DOWNTOWN NOISE PUNKER VOL3 CD-R £1 free with any order
SARCASM- Noise Bastards Vol1 CD, Compact Disc collection of Sarcasms vinyl releases £5
EXTREME NOISE ERROR- When the American dream is over LP £5 collection of the 80’s Dutch HC Punk bands demos
DIRGE- Scarred Forever LP  £7. The band Gilb played in when he was a lad, crucial stuff, demo/live from 1984.
DESCENT TO HELL- Our Cross to bear LP £5, coloured vinyl with poster, heavy crust stuff, like Tragedy.

More stuff due soon.

Postage and packing, let me know what you want and I’ll make you a package and let you know the damage. I can accept payment by paypal or UK cheque only. Cash GB£ is sent at you own risk. contact

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  1. it's because andrew and i love noise- i'm reviewing damaging noise as i type. pogo or die