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Monday, 11 November 2013

People re-press  

Out now is the repress of the People- Ausentic Oral Communication LP, this time on purple vinyl with a full colour pro-printed A3 poster for their upcoming UK tour and of course the lyric sheet/thanks list from the 1st pressing. Talking of which a few distributors still have copies of the 1st pressing; Soap and Spikes (USA),  Bong/NFL (Holland) and Viral Age (UK). Individual copies of the re-press are available from myself for £8 plus postage and Wholesale is through Noise Punk Records and La Vida Es Un Mus.

It’s the first time one of my releases has had the demand for a 2nd pressing, which I’m particularly pleased about and am hoping that they will sell. You may not be aware but People are probably the best contemporary punk band and people (no pun intended)  who live in the UK are fortunate enough to be able to see the band as they are touring the here in December 2013/January 2014. I also call on all Europeans with impeccable taste in Punk Rock to invade the shores of the UK in support of People. It’s the last time this line-up of the band will be doing anything so don’t miss this opportunity! Tour dates to follow soon.

Other news is the Wankys- Still Love the Noise 7” ep is still available for both individual sales and wholesale. The band are not gigging right now but have been busy (as a two piece) writing new material for our upcoming split 12” with Chaos Channel.

Noise Punk Records will be distributing the Lotus Fucker/ Exit Hippies split LP in Europe and I will also have and the new Chaos Channel 7, Nekromantiker LP and the Disorder- Distort Bristol LP in the distro. Watch this space

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