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Monday, 21 July 2014

Dublin, Touring, London and compilation 12"/LP

Thanks to all involved in Wee Fest on the Isle of Cumbrae, it was a lot of fun.

Our next gig is in Dublin next Saturday (26/07/14) at Seomra Sparoi Social Club, 10 Belvedere Court,  Dublin 1. The gig will be with Thisclose, Droppin Bombs and Live Fast Die, 10euro entrance fee.

We are putting together some dates for a tour in Europe for March/April 2015 so if you want us to play in your City please contact

Our next England is set for 20/12/14 in London, again with our friends Thisclose.

The next release on Noise Punk Records will be a compilation 12"/LP. If I want your band to be on the comp then I will contact you, please do not send me a link to some mp3's of your noise crust band.

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