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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Noise Punk 001 Chaos Destroy- 2nd ep

Noise Punk 001 is the 2nd vinyl 7inch release by Maryland noise punk band Chaos Destroy. This is their 3rd vinyl release and contains 6 songs that were recorded on a 4-track cassette portastudio with amazing raw (but good raw) sound quality.

I met Mike the singer in the Summer of 2009 when we worked together on a project, which has so far remained unreleased. Actually now I think about it I had previously worked with the band on several different occasions, including them on all 3 volumes of Downtown Noise Punker , mastering a live recording for them (Tony I still never got a copy), and also recording guitars for an alternative take of their debut ep. I also had the absolute pleasure of touring with these guys in June 2010 when The Wankys toured the East Coast of the US, so it seemed only natural that we would have future collaborations. in my opinion they are one of the best bands in the world and I am deeply proud of this release, enjoy.

If you get the opportunity please check out their Collection Not Collection LP, which is a milestone in the history of noise and punk rock, amazingly copies are still available from distributors in the US, UK and Japan.

Future plans for Noise Punk Records include the debut 7" ep of Formby Channel and the 3rd Chaos Channel 7" ep.


  1. hey marky,
    good lucky with the label and page. I want distro the new chaos destroy ep (and other stufss too) in my cowntry. talk me about wholesale prices.
    matheus -

  2. Hello Matheus, cheers for the words of encouragement. I'm sorry to tell you that the ep is sold out (distributed) already, I mean you can still get copies, but I don't have any left for distribution. Please mail and I can add you to a mailing list for when my next release is out. Cheers