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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Noise Punk 003 Formby Channel- The Inimitable EP

One off pressing on Blue Vinyl, 500 copies (100+ copies shelved due to damaged covers) £3.50 plus postage

Still available
Noise Punk 002 The Wankys- Noise Punk Live Hero Swindle LP £7 plus postage, both for a tenner.

Also available
Endless Grinning Skulls- LP, great album from Nottingham based band, going for a powerful early/mid 80's UK punk/hc sound (just 2 copies) £8
Nekromantiker- 6 Amazing Punk Hits 7" ep, very apt title, sounds like a mixture of Kyushu Island classics and modern Japanese noise bands, Confuse meets Stagnation but from Holland. I like this band so much I have invited them to come and play some gigs with the Wankys in England in October 2011. £4
other stuff available, see below.

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