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Monday, 1 August 2011

Where are you Lady Luck?

Usually I think that I’m one of life’s winners, y’know Lady Luck deals me a good hand of cards and I’m generally full of optimism and cynical towards cynics. However recently I have been starting to question this, especially regarding making records and running a label. So I took delivery of the Formby Channel ep, sounds great, the vinyl and labels look superb and the colour co-ordination is spot on. The covers look outstanding, Beryl did an amazing job with the design and she deserves a glass of Sherry. BUT once again over 20% of the pressing got all fucked up in transit, which makes me feel so disheartened.  I need to re-think my options regarding getting covers made. As usual I’m looking for distribution for this and The Wankys live LP, so if you can help get in touch with me at and no I do not want any penis enlargement pills, diazepam and wont give you my bank account details, thank you very much.

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