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Sunday, 12 March 2017

New Stuff Our Future fanzine, Thisclose new ep and NWOTGNB Vol 2

New stock from Our Future Records.

First off is the brand new Thislose 5 song 7" ep What Glory on SPHC.  You know the score with this little lot, fantastic new release showcasing their latest line-up (now changed), the Theclosest thing I could compare this to is their one foot in the grave LP , one mid tempo number and four d-beat anthems. £4.
New Wave of the Grave new Beat vol 2 comp CD. Fantastic comp feature a crop of Discharge influenced bands, though is actually a very varied comp. It also features nineteeneightyfour, a band that includes some members of theWankys. £4 For a free stream of the album and more details go to
Our Future zine issue 1. Features stuff on ENT/KLF and Exit Hippies £1

For a full list click on the Merchandise tab.

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